Mosaic of Thought  
Course Syllabus


How many credits are being offered?
Heinemann is not offering the course for continuing education credit.

Is there graduate credit being offered?
Yes, credit is available through Chapman University. Click here for more information.

What happens if I used a credit card not a purchase order, what do I use on the website to validate my purchase?
Your purchase can be validated by entering the either the reference number, order number, or invoice number of your order. This information should be available on your packing slip or invoice. If you do not have this information, our customer service department can be contacted at 800.225.5800 to look this information up in our system.

What kind of feedback will I receive?
The course is asynchronous and includes opportunities for threaded discussion. Participants will receive no formal feedback from Heinemann. Your discussion posts may or may not receive responses from other participants in the course.

How does the course work in general?
The course is self-paced. Each unit provides recommended timelines for completion, but units should be completed on a schedule that is most appropriate for you or as recommended by your facilitator. Begin each unit with the Overview, and proceed through the menu items as they appear in the navigation.

How many people should be in a study group?
This is entirely up to the designated local study group facilitator.

Is this the same course I took through HeinemannU?
The course is a revised and updated version of the HeinemannU course, "Implementing Mosaic of Thought."

Will I need a login and ID password?
Yes. The person who placed the order should register on the site. To register, please have an order number, invoice number, or reference number ready from your order of 25 or more copies of Mosaic of Thought, Second Edition. Once registered, the login information can be shared with the teachers who have received the books. This login is used to access the course. Each teacher should register independently for the Forum discussions. The Forum registration link is to the top right of the Forum page.

Are there any videos with this course?

I purchased my books from Amazon, can I still access the course?
Yes. Please have your order number available to enter in the registration form.

Where do I enter my feedback?
We will add a feedback form to the course soon.
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