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The Mosaic of Thought Online Book Study
Improving Reading Comprehension in Your Classroom

Developed by co-author Ellin Oliver Keene

This online book study has been completely redesigned to accompany the 10th Anniversary 2nd edition of Mosaic of Thought. With over 70% new material, the second edition highlights the practices of teachers around the country who have taken the concepts from the original Mosaic and made them work for a wide range of readers. Ideal for a group of teachers led by a facilitator, but just as useful for anyone working on their own, this online professional development experience demonstrates how to put the best research-based thinking about reading comprehension into practice. Teachers will discover new ways to help students think more deeply, engage more fully, question more thoroughly, and feel more passionately about what they read. Along the way, they will tackle questions about the thought processes highly skilled, independent readers use, build more effective curriculum approaches, and participate in online discussions with their colleagues about the strategies and their applications.

  • To explore the latest practices and innovations in comprehension instruction.
  • To discuss hot topics in comprehension instruction with other educators.
  • To discover ways to plan for long term strategy instruction, think aloud effectively and assess the complex thinking processes that underlie comprehension.
  • To explore, create, and apply teaching frameworks that can help students extend their understanding of texts.
  • To re-conceptualize Reader’s Workshop. Teachers will read about and experiment with new classroom structures that are particularly conducive to in-depth comprehension learning.
Recommended grade level: Grades K-8

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